11 July 2009

The House by the Sea

I have great fascination on anything vintage and that homey country or cottage look on furniture and fixtures. I remember my summers spent in my grandma's beach house when I was young. I used to admire her cream curio stand, the beautiful vanity table in her bedroom, the dainty bed and its thick mattress, the rich linens all in light hues and so much more. The accents of the furniture were truly enchanting. There were adornments of foliage, angels holding votive candles placed on the side table, white frames around the big mirror on the hallway, curtains cascading from the window valance with rich lace and wonderful floral prints. Even her beach shabby chic furniture were off-white and looked regal. I felt I was I big doll living in a big, country charm doll house. It was really a charming house by the sea.

I would spend endless hours checking out her stuff and always told her that one day, my house would be filled with shabby chic furniture appliques. I loved the way she would tell me how those dreams would take me to places and that one day I would definitely have those I dreamed of.

So, it came as no surprise when I had my first home at 26. I recalled how my grandma's summer beach house looked like and I wanted the same furniture and fixtures in my home too. If not the same, at least something similar I could afford then. I bought white vintage-looking furniture for my small living area. I had a spare room which I was not sure what to do until I found out I was pregnant. It was at that precise moment that I knew and decided it would become the nursery filled with shabby chic baby furniture. It was just like how I envisioned it when I was young. I used to daydream about how my future house would be like my grandma's - cozy, warm, accommodating, regal, charming and full of love.

Many years passed and she is long gone but the memory of my happy summers in her beautiful house near the beach is still fresh in my mind.

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  1. wow those are nice furnitures.
    happy weekend by the way ^_^


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