26 July 2009

How to Treat Hyperacidity the Natural Way

My hyperacidity struck again. This time it is longer than few days. It's been more than week now and I have downed a bottle of antacid already.

I am careful with what I eat these days so I am not sure if my hyperacidity is food-related. I have a feeling it is from tension from work, my life, and my health.

My stomach has been very behaved since morning. I just ate Weetabix for breakfast, soup with croutons for lunch and banana for supper. I am not in a diet but I am just a bit careful so I don't trigger an attack again. It'll be difficult to concentrate at work when I am feeling weird.

I went through various websites on how to treat hyperacidity the natural way since I have problems taking medication due to my allergy.

Here are some info I have gathered:

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Avoid risk factors such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and aspirin.
3. Regularly have small meals on time.
4. Never skip a meal.
5. Avoid fatty food.
6. Avoid spicy food.
7. Drink chilled milk. There is a debate on this one though. Some sites I have visited claimed that drinking milk can cause more acid and some claimed that drinking chilled milk could ease the burning sensation in the stomach.
8. Avoid eating raw fruits specially the acidic ones belonging to the citrus family. They will only aggravate the condition.
9. If possible, try to avoid getting stressed or tensed.

If you know more tips on how to cure hyperacidity the natural way, please feel free to leave a comment and share.


  1. hi ria..thanks for the advise..nice post .God Bless!

  2. Timely advice! I have been having hyperacidity for the past few days and it really gets the best of me. I was told to avoid fatty foods and salty foods. I am trying to do so. I really am. :)


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