30 July 2009

I Landed a B777

I just landed a B777 yesterday. I had a feel of what it was like to be in command, to give orders to my First Officer (who is my boss by the way *wink*) and flying a commercial B777 aircraft!

I love to be in the airline industry. I get to have nice perks like traveling, meeting pilots, giving orders to our pilots, and flying a B777. Wow! I never thought I would be on the Left Hand Seat (where the captain sits) tinkering on the buttons and levers, adjusting speed and altitude, maneuvering the aircraft until I got it leveled.

You must wonder how I got to fly and land a B777 huh? Well, it was not the real deal but I was given the chance to do it in a B777 simulator. My boss had fun giving me all kinds of weather impediments: snow, rain, thunder and lightning, fog, and the famous sandstorm of the Middle East. I even had to avoid mid-air collision because of traffic. There were too many of those big whales (A380) in the air. Whew! That's what you call pushing tins!

It was fun! I got to be a Captain of B777 for once in my life even if it was in the simulator. See the photo slideshow...


  1. that's cool! my husband and i just play a simulator at home.

  2. oi congrats!!!!

    thanks sa pagdalaw dear ha.. mraming salamat sa lahat!


  3. wow.. that's really a cool experience...


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