08 July 2009

I need my Coffee!

The scene in the office is so dragging. It is quiet. Slow like in slow motion. Time just stands still!

I am used to dynamic actions and running around like a headless chicken. Due to the recession, it has been very calm and manageable. You can actually hear a pin drop!

It is for this reason that I drink a lot of coffee lately. I think I consume about 2-3 cups of caffeine in a day. Not such a good sight but I am trying to keep myself awake.

Coffee For Less is a great place to get my daily caffeine dose. I am eyeing for the Timothy's White Hot Chocolate K Cups (22 pcs) because it's convenient. I just have to add cream if I want to and it's good to go. The site is very direct. You get a lot of choices and presented in various tabs in the menu bar of the home page.

I think I will order some ground coffee as well for my Capuccino Maker at home.

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