10 July 2009

My Daughter's Back-toSchool Eyeglasses

I just posted few days ago about my daughter's official entry to the kingdom of poor eyesight. Well, she is adamant to show me what her eye doctor gave her for her vision but I know exactly what she likes!

Even before I found out that she had poor vision, she always borrows my anti-glare glasses with a brown acetate frame (makes me look like a nerd but I find it cute!) and she just loves it. Then I remember something about prescription eyeglasses I have seen recently. Ah! That's right! Zenni Optical on TV!!! I saw some nice frames there and would really like to get the purplish/maroonish one for my daughter. I think she will love the printed flowers on the side frames. I find them so cute. Not only do they have various beautiful and fashionable frames to choose from, they are quite affordable. I reckon that my husband just spent around $70 for my daughter's prescription glasses and frames which I am not sure if it looks good on her or not. Seeing all the children's fashionable frames just made my decision to get one for her. I will have a lot of savings if I buy from ZenniOptical.com rather than make her wear something very generic which she may not even like. And worse, she may not even use it and that will only defeat the purpose of the prescription glasses.

I am so surprised to find $ 8 Rx eyeglasses at Zenni Optical. Finally, there is something I can purchase before my daughter goes back to school where I can actually save money. High Five to Zenni Optical!

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