29 July 2009

My Photographer and Cameraman

My husband is very keen in photography and taking videos. He is always the photographer and cameraman during special occasions and holidays. So, in most of our videos and photos, 90% will be poses of myself and our daughter. I do not know why I never had the knack in photography and video-taking.

He has taken these artistic activities a great hobby to engage his time with. During his sister's recent wedding, he was gracious enough to pour his creative juice into action by making a personal video montage of the wedding ceremony. The video montage had the "silent movie" kind of theme taken in black and white. It was beautiful. He gave it to the bride and groom as a gift. His sister and brother-in-law loved his work that he is considering a corporate video production service on the side to augment our income. I think it is a great idea. He can put his passion to good use!

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