17 July 2009

Some tidbits on Lipoma

Due to my recent "scare," I decided to post something about Lipoma. If you have read my previous article about my being scared because of the lump on my right axillary, this is a tribute to that.

Lipoma is a tumor but a benign one. Meaning, it does not pose any threat to one's health. It may be a bit cumbersome specially if you develop it around your armpit areas. That means you cannot wear sleeveless shirts because the bulge shows. This particular tumor is normally fatty tissue, movable, soft to the touch and generally painless. My case was slightly different because I was feeling a tingling sensation and sometimes it hurts. However, two doctors already confirmed it is benign so I will rest my case but will be vigilant.

Most lipomas are found on adults ranging from 40-50 years old. The size varies from less than a centimeter to a greater than 6 centimeters. Mine was around 3 cms in diameter so whenever I wear sleeveless clothes, I can actually see the bulge like a pin cushion stuck on my pit!

Treatment of lipoma is normally not necessary as they are harmless unless they cause inconvenience, constricts movement and is painful. Lipomas are removed by simple excision on the affected area.

There are various kinds of lipomas so I would suggest you do your own research. It will be lengthy to discuss all of them here.

I strongly recommend everyone to do a monthly check not only on your chest area but also on your armpits as we have lymph nodes there. If you can see or feel a lump and is a bit worried, just have it checked and put your worries to rest. It is very difficult and consuming to think and wonder what is wrong with you if you do not act. Women are not the only ones affected by this by the way, men too can have breast cancer.

(info source: Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic, Wrong Diagnosis)


  1. I read your post on that scare. God is really good! He was with you all through the check up process. In fact, He was with you before it! He let the tumor be benign di ba? :)

    Anyway, I will help you lose weight! Kung andiyan lang ako, ako kakain ng food mo! Pag dalawang chicken drumstick ang order mo, kukunin ko agad ung isa! sayang wala ako diyan! The best thing I can do is to remind you about losing weight!!! Share mo din tips mo ha? Taba ko na kasi e! :)

  2. thanks for the info i pray na di ako magkaron ng breast cancer..

  3. oh thanks GOd its benign. bigla ko naalala i had lipoma rin sa thigh ko and natanggal na siya year 2002. mabilis lng procedure.. pero ang mark ng opera andito pa sa hita ko hehe

    papaopera mo ba?? start tolose weight na kaya mo yan kaw fa!!.. just like beth tutulungan kta.. ung natirang half mo hatiin ko pa hehehe

    prblem ko ngaun how to gain weight eh.. haaay buhay noH?


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