30 July 2009

Voice Over Internet Protocol

I am so confused with the new terminologies people are using in the communication and Internet industry these days. I feel like I am still in the Medieval period where the mode of communication is thru sending knights bearing letters to the other kingdom, village or towns.

Time has changed. Communication has taken a big leap in terms of technology and process. Gone are the days of telegrams and carrier pigeons. We are now living in the 21st century where most things are done with the aid of machines and modern technology.

The reason I brought this topic up is that not all people are well-versed in the modes of communication the corporate world or business sector employ. I have just learned recently that there are many ways to communicate using the Internet apart from the normal like sending emails, chatting, prints/publications and various kinds of media. I learned that we can also relay voice communication thru Internet; hence the term, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. In layman's term, it is a term used to refer to the category of transmission process of voice communication.

I am more enlightened now about its meaning. So if I see advertisements on used VOIP phones at wholesale prices in the web or read ads on that or if I hear the term VoIP, I'll have a smile on my face and think, "Oh I know what that means!"

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