31 July 2009

A Wedding in UK

Someone very special to me may just tie the knot in the United Kingdom. I am not sure when but it will be in the not-so-distant future.

My family is very thrilled because she has finally found love. It has been a while since we saw her smiling and getting a bit giddy like a teenager does when she is in love. Yes, it must be love!

I am glad to be a part of that blossoming romance. I must say that the future husband is nice and accommodating of his "new" family.

Clanging of wedding bells seem to be inevitable now with how things are going between them. I am already scouting for Nottingham Wedding Photographer who will cover the ceremony. Although I was not asked to do something "yet," I decided I would. It is like reminiscing the time when I was preparing my own wedding. I would like my special someone to be very happy when her wedding comes. I want her happiness captured in every photographs of that special event so I am keen on looking for an excellent wedding photography in Nottingham.

I know there are more details to cover other than the photograph-taking but I am focusing more on that aspect because every happy and loving emotions will be preserved on those photographs. It will be a plus factor if I get lucky enough to stumble upon a Green Wedding Photographer who will give the ultimate photography service our family deserves.

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  1. Wedding in UK is really fabulous. I think it is the best way to be in romance forever. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea with us.


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