28 August 2009

Beauty Tip 101 - Unclog your Pores

I don't go to the dermatologist for facial. I have this weird thing against someone's hand and instrument picking on my face. I just cringe at the sight and thought!

So, I do steaming at home at least once a week to open my pores for better cleansing. You can add some aromatherapy oils if you like.

To do a facial steam at home, all you need is a small basin, a towel, stove and water. Heat a little water in the percolator and put it in the small basin once the water boils. Drop few scented oils and place your face at least few inches above the steam and cover your head (making a tent) with a towel and presto! It won't cost you much too.

So, when your pores are open, you may gently scrub the sides of your nose where most of the blackheads are.

Rinse with water and use facial toner depending on your skin type.

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