19 August 2009

The Cool Breeze

The hot, humid and sticky summer of Dubai is coming to an end. The month of September brings forth cool breeze and manageable weather here. The cool breeze blowing on your face is quite inviting to go for a picnic in the park or the beach.

A lot of people anticipate the coming of the colder months because there are so many outdoor activities to engage with which were put off because of the very long summer months. So, people go to various outdoor places to gather and frolic. People here, like the ways of the Bedouin nomads, love to have fire pits in the middle of the desert, sipping Arabic coffee, watching belly dancers, eating the Arabic delicacies under the starry sky and having sisha. I actually experienced this unique and wonderful tradition. It was something to remember.

For the modern people, their way to enjoy the cool weather is to go sand-bashing, ride the hot air balloon, sky-dive and going to the wadis for a road-side picnic.

All these activities are truly entertaining and worth the time. It doesn't cost much, just a good cool breeze.

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