27 August 2009

Easier Said Than Done

I hope my title won't be the case for me as I go full-swing on my weight loss plan. I am just tired fooling myself. I want to regain my lost confidence on myself. I want the banter on weight-issues to end. I just want my old self back. It is going to be a very difficult journey for me but I have to do this for my health and family.

I am not going to stick on any fad diets but will eat properly, exercise regularly and resist the temptation of having second-servings. I have already started my food journal and so far I am getting used to the routine of entering my food intake. This way, I have a better perspective of knowing when I fall prey to emotional eating which I need to curb now.

I pray that I can go through this. I am not aiming for a "sexy" body but I want my old clothes to fit. I know I will never get my previous body back but at least have a sound health, emotion and mind.

I have just enough of the name calling! In few months time, we'll see who's fatty...

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  1. go ria!!! ako rin actually am trying to slim down... medyo it's working na although i can't help my "sampaloc" cravings kainis! specially the ones from thailand yung maanghang haaay...pinapagalitan nga ako ng anak ko hehe...tara set goals tayo i know you've started na ako hahabol ako promise. my goal is to lose 20 lbs.


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