11 August 2009

Fickle Minded

I have mapped out my exercise sessions for the whole month of August just to ensure that I do not stray. I have already made up my mind to commit to this weight loss goal I have set many moons ago. So far, my first 2 weeks have been successful. I kept my goals on track and ticked my to-do for each day. The weight issue has still not budged. I think I have a metabolic resistance system. Grrr!

I am getting fickle-minded though on the kind of food I am going to take concomitant to my desire to lose weight. I tried Atkins Diet before and it did work. I do not want to skip on healthy carbs to hasten my weight loss because while I am exercising, I also want to have a good and balanced meal.

So, is there really a good diet plan that will work side-by-side my exercises without skipping on important nutrients my body require? *Sigh* I wish they just make a pill to blast these fats away!

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