02 August 2009

Health Nut - Anti-Ageing wonder

Is there really a "fountain of youth?" And if there is, will you have sip from the fountain that will make you youthful forever? Well, sorry to burst your bubble. That is not going to happen. We are for merely mortals and the time will come where we will all return to dust. However, we can "delay" the signs of ageing by taking precautionary measures, right?

Xango juice is known to encourage anti-ageing. This juice is made from mangosteens which are rich in xanthones. Xanthones are antioxidants associated with anti-ageing. Our bodies are exposed to the elements and these elements contain free radicals responsible in damaging the tissue in our bodies. Taking antioxidants will not really make you youthful forever but it does assist in the delay process.

Xango juice is available in health food shops.


  1. I will! Haha. But seriously, I've heard of Xanga pero I haven't tried. Have you?

    We get so many benefits from Mangosteen, buti na lang marami nyan dito. :)

    Happy Sunday Ria.

  2. i would love to try that juice.thanks for sharing...
    how are you by the way? ^_^

  3. oi mukang ok to ah! :) how much to dear??

    musta ka na??

    anyways I have a tag for you ;)


    bistuhin mo na si husband ha! heheh


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