25 August 2009

Man's Best Friend

A dog is a man's best friend. It keeps you happy. It follows you around. It shows you its loyalty. It is always happy to be with you. A dog is like an extended family member with four legs.

It has been a while since I had a dog. It must have been ages! The last dog I ever loved so dearly was my pug named Rambo. I had him for almost 10 years until I left for Dubai. We had dogs after Rambo, the bigger kind like the Japanese Akita dog, and 2 yellow labs. I never had the chance to get close to these dogs because I was away and they are all gone now.

Having a pet here in Dubai is such a hassle. For one, they are exorbitantly expensive. I find this place not dog-friendly. Pets are not allowed to roam with their owners in malls and parks. Most landlords do not let their tenants to have pets at home. I just don't know why. However, I still managed to have one through adoption. The building administrator allowed me to keep a small pet. It was serendipity, really. A colleague forwarded an email almost 3 weeks ago about the owners leaving for UK and could not take their dog with them. I saw the picture of "Millie" and I fell in love with her right away. I told myself, "I should have this dog for my daughter." I called the owner but was unsuccessful because he already promised Millie to a family.

I have told my hubby that and he said we would just adopt another one in the shelter. Luck must be by my side because last week, I got a call from the owner of Millie asking if I was still interested. The rest was history!

We now have a dog! Our first family dog is a Bichon Frise and her name is Millie. She is already an old dog but we don't mind. She is such a bundle of energy. She leaps and sometimes bark bloody murder! She loves having her tummy scratched and loves to jump on the bed with us in the morning. She enjoys having walks and a smart dog too. She knows when it's time for her walk and will gently nudge the leash hanging near the door to signal the activity. She grows on everyone at home real fast. She is such a sweetheart!

My daughter still doesn't know and it's a big surprise. So, once again my heart is fluttering for man's best friend.

Our Millie

Millie in her doggie bed

Scratch tummy

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  1. i can't see the picture :( sayang.

    just like you i love dogs.. katuwa sila tlga.. :)


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