06 August 2009

A Pat in the Back

I've been toiling my cute behind for many years in the corporate bondage. I've been recognized not once but many times when I have done something really remarkable. But those were in the past. I haven't been commended for anything lately and I am feeling a bit disheartened and demotivated knowing that my contributions have been vital and must merit recognition. However, I do not let those feelings compromise the kind of quality work and service I deliver. I cannot allow myself to slip a notch on the standards I have set.

Today, I got a sweet surprise from one of the project pilots of our company. I have handled this magnificent jumbo-of-a-plane fleet recently and the manuals were done by the previous manager of our unit. I must have done something really, really good to merit his praise and accolades. He even went as far as to notify the manager of my great job in a short period of time. He even said that he has been in the training department for 6 years and have never seen a work like I have done.

Wow. I can't help but blush. I just had a pat in the back! (Bubble thought: Hope they put that in writing! hehehehe)

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