20 August 2009

Something to Write

Writing is one of my favorite pastime. It has always been a penchant of mine even when I was young. I remember filling journal after journal after journal. I would write on anything I can get my hands on.

When I was in high school, I remember seeing a unique and remarkably eye-catching ad that read "the essay for sale is on!" I had a light bulb moment there and I knew I could make money out of my hobby. I started offering my mini-writing and research service to my family and close friends.

My first client was my sister. She did not have the patience and the passion to write so I wrote her a research paper. Since researching was also a part of my favorite things to do, the whole process of organizing the number of data I had collected for her research paper went like a breeze. I felt like a mini-sleuth on a mission! I had fun!

More family members and friends asked for my writing service and I managed to complete the tasks without compromising my studies. I enjoyed writing for them because at the same time, it also fed my fervor to write.

Well, it is a different ball game now. I still love to write and I do it as often as I can in the form of blogging. Writing will always be a part of my regular routine.

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  1. girl,you really got the talent and patience to write..parang di ka busy ah sa dami ng activities mo..di tulad ko parang busy pero wala naman nagagawa (ngek)..well,guess if it's passion you're really find time for it..maybe you're in the wrong company :-) or wrong department hehe..
    if i may ask how long does it take for you to do a write-up and whats the secret to your overflowing ideas and creative writing..and btw, do you still do the writing service..i can be a client :-P (serious,tamad ako magsulat eh and no writing talent), thanks Jen


Thank you for your comment.