11 August 2009

Strategy Games for Young Minds

Nickelodeon has spent years catering to the enjoyment of children, and the games found on their website are no different. Running the gambit of action to strategy games, single to multiplayer games, and everything in between, Nick.com has managed to incorporate the best of their television series into fun, entertaining, and sometimes educational, games.

Game play changes drastically between each game, both in genre and in difficulty level. On the light end, there is a simple coloring game featuring characters from the Rugrats television show. Much like a coloring book, there is no challenge other than attempting to keep the colors in the lines.

However, the other end of the spectrum holds a cornucopia of strategy games, some of which capable of challenging even adult minds. For instance, the Avatar: Ashes in the Air game is rather simple for the first 10 to 12 stages, but then the difficult scales incredibly, as you attempt to extinguish the fires using the limited number of moves.

They even have strategy adventure games, such as Han’s Han’s the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki’s Lockup. The creators of this ingenious little game have taken a standard platformer, incorporated teamwork strategy, and wrapped the whole thing in an entertaining plot line. It tends to come across as short for many adults since it is only 11 levels long, but for the average child who will most likely return to those levels to collect the hidden runes, the game will prove to keep their attention for a decent amount of time.

Even with the numerous custom games on their roster, Nick.com has not forgotten the traditional board games that we all grew up with. In fact, in their multiplayer games section, they have both chess and checkers, using the Nickelodeon cast of characters, of course. With an ability to email moves between two players, they have even managed to deal with the distance problem. It is obvious that most of the games on the website have had a decent amount of thought put into them, not just from their user reviews, but from the enjoyment that you will witness your children have as they sit down for another go at Pollution Solution.

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