22 September 2009

Baby Goes Organic

In this age of global industrialization, a lot of companies and people are opting to go green to help our ailing Mother Earth recover. I have gone where others fear to tread and that is by going green! I am a happy "green person" and I try my level best to suit my activities and uses of products (and even services) which will aid in promoting environmental awareness.

I have cut back on my travels this year to minimize our families carbon footprints. We have switched to green lights and jute bags. I now put my sandwiches on glass containers so it can be washed again and again.

Even some of my families clothing have undergone revamp. I started purchasing clothes which are made of organic materials. We all know that organic materials are almost free of chemical abuse. Next to follow my lead will be my relatives and their kids and my friends as well.

I found this site which caters to Organic Baby Clothes. Their sense of style and whimsical designs are my kind of stuff. I browsed their products and found many Cloth Diapers and Baby Onesies. You can choose from various cute designs and even put text as you wish on the clothes you want. Since most of my friends live in the US and Canada, I think the long sleeves onesies will be the best bet as a gift.

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  1. organic clothes? i've heard of organic food...hindi ko kasi ma-open yung link but am quite curious will google it up siguro during my rest day. Hey mabalik tayo sa usapang pagpapapayat...how do we go about measuring our progress? monthly basis ba? or weekly? let's make a program that we can follow serious talaga ako magpapayat hehehe promise!God bless you Ria!


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