11 September 2009

Bath Time is Fun Time

I have always enjoyed a nice soak in the tub especially when I am all stressed out. I like lighting scented candles and filling the tub with few drops of scented oils to calm my nerves.

I never had bath tubs back in the Philippines so when I moved here in Dubai, I made it a point to have a place with a bath tub in my master bedroom. I am lucky enough to have my own bathroom with a tub here with great bathroom vanities! Yes!

My next project is to upgrade my tub to a jacuzzi whirlpool. I know it is a long shot because our landlord will never allow us. So, in my own little dreamland, I decided to have one when I have my own home. I am looking at whirlpool jacuzzi with great water and air circulation to make the massaging power more effective.

I have seen a lot of gorgeous jacuzzis both in magazines and web sites catering to this product. I am not keen on a very big jacuzzi but something that can be placed in the corner so I can maximize the space of my bathroom.

I can't wait to have a house of my own so I can fulfill all my dream projects. And having a spacious bathroom with whirlpool jacuzzi is one of them! Talking of dream home projects, I'll include my dream kitchen with modern and stylish kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets.


  1. Oh yes... warm tub baths really soothes and relaxes the senses.

    how are you ria? it has been a while... busy kasi me with other things. btw, i have awards for you. hope you can come get them. hugs!

  2. Hi Ria,
    O yan ha? flooded ka na ng messages ko! :)

    Up na kasi ung post ko about the popsicle molds, thanks so much for them ha? The kids like them so much!

    Dalaw ka pag me time ka ha? ingat lagi and post ka naman sexy pics mo ha? :) para mainspire naman ako magdiet! :)

    Thanks and God bless!

  3. That sounds great! I have been looking for a good jacuzzi and it's pretty tough to find one that will work exactly how I want it to. I did however find this Corner Whirlpool Tub that looks pretty amazing. Maybe it's only in dreams.


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