24 September 2009

Girls Talk - GIRLS OVER BOYS: Things women can do that men cannot

I have so many reasons running wild in my head which can possibly bump the guys out to oblivion in terms of doing things that only women can do.

  • For one, we conceive, carry another life in our womb and give birth.
  • Second, women are so good multi-tasking. I can type, engage in a decent conversation and read at the same time. I don't know how I do it but I know I am good at it ;)
  • Third, women are passionate beings. We are the heart of our family. We feel for our loved ones. We do not deny ourselves of the various human emotions. This is the reason why,more men are in the "cuckoo ward" because they suppress their feelings.
  • We can shop for hours on end on our high heels without feeling tired. Shopping is tantamount to a guy's gym session.

Well, I'll keep the other reasons to myself lest I be condemned by the male species...hehehe. Joke!

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