17 September 2009

Girls Talk - I LOVE ME: Why you love being a girl?

Well, my good blogging pal Niko conceived this Girls Talk idea and heck, it's cool! So, I am in... I love being a girl and here are the reasons why:

  • 1. I can wear high heels, mini-skirt (without looking slutty!) and a make up! Good combinations when you're trying to win a deal! hahaha
  • 2. I can cry on drama flicks with no shame because I am a girl.
  • 3. I just wave and smile and the other folks let me cut in the line (this applies when I am driving too). I have priority in paying at the till here (it's really practised here in the UAE. Women get special preference in lines and we have a special section - Women Only in most banks and other service companies).
  • 4. Shopping=Exercise, what can be better than that? I enjoy the shopping and at the same time, I am being a health-buff.
  • 5. I can try on many outfits, mix and match them, update them or downgrade them. I play by my fashion rules and I cannot be bothered ;)
  • 6. I am in-tune with my inner self without denying the various emotions a woman can feel.
  • 7. I can be soft as a marshmallow and tough as a nail.
  • 8. I can hold hands with my girl pals without being labelled "gay." But if guys do that, society finds it queer.
  • 9. I am a mom, sister and a wife.
  • 10. God has given me the gift to carry another life in my womb for 9 months. Beat that guys!


  1. hey girl! glad you joined the meme!

    anyways, was it you who left the message in my Yahoo messenger widget the other day? the stupid YM kasi doesn't always keep archive of the conversations in that widget pala, so I kinda "lost" your email. ehek.

    anyways, if it was you nga, i've already compiled my portfolio (or what little of it is there. hehe) in here: http://wahmaholic.com/portfolio

    it's my other site. please do visit and check out if you like what you see. hehe.

    ayun. ang haba na nito. hehe.

  2. Amen! That is why I love being a girl too! Haha

  3. well said ria! that's why i enjoy the way i am! btw, did u get my email already? it's from anak0430@gmail.com. :D hugs!

  4. Comment for #10
    it is God's wonder for women. anyway, are you pregnant ria? just asking.


  5. love your answers.i also love wearing dress ^_^ talagang enjoy ako sa pagiging girlaloo..nahuli ako sa Gils Talk ito ang aking post .
    btw, dito kami sa Illinois nakatira ^_^ goodluck sa inyong trip..enjoy ^_^ Merry Christmas na din in advance hehe ^_^

  6. witty 10 answers!! whew! i finished reading ur list with my chin up in the air! beat it guys tlga hahahah

    thakns for joining dear ha.. u love me tlga :) see u again next week!!!

    mwah mwah


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