05 September 2009

My Life's Full of SCRAP!

LOL! And you all thought it's something else huh? I have been busy learning digital scrapping lately and the pages I have done so far are simple. I am learning the rudiments of using a template, getting ideas and using the various textures and embellishments to make my page more interesting.

I managed to get tons of ideas and embellishments for my pages and I can't seem to put what where. My mind is in disarray because of the multitude of choices around. Oh well, my life's full of SCRAP!


  1. Hi Ria, so you are into Scrapbooking? I wish I have the skills to do that too :)
    by the way, i am glad you liked my flip flops. they're so adorable, aren't they? i bought them at Old Navy.


  2. I like digital scrapbooking too pero wala masyado time kaya di ko matutukan. Practice lang lagi para makasanayan mo. :) I believe you have an artistic talent, ganda nung card mo for me e :)

    Thanks nga pala for the gifts. Will post about it pag na-picturan ko na. Nsa hiraman digicam. :) The kids like them so much! I like the shawl too! :)

  3. oh my i wish to do scraps just like u.. the problem is i dont know where to start.. huhuh

  4. akala ko nga kung anu ng scrap :) u got me hahah

  5. Ladies,
    thanks for the comments. Sa tutoo lng, I am still a newbie. I have yet to learn the ropes. I use the free software of Scrapbookflair.com but would really like to learn how to use Photo elements and Photoshop. Siguro next project ko na yun.
    @ Beth - di ba graphic designer ka, what do you use for your digiscrapping?


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