25 September 2009

So Obnoxious... I am!

I think I am afflicted with a certain degree of obnoxiousness. Not that it is inherent but I just have this very "off" feeling about some people in my circle.

I wonder why I don't like certain people when I don't know them that much personally. It's hard to explain but whenever I see them, my blood boils and I get so irritated. I try my level best to be diplomatic but I can't. I just don't want to associate myself with them for some weird reasons. Either I am turning to a grumpy cow, going through menopause or I am going nuts!

I hope I don't get a black card from the Almighty by feeling like this. I am losing my brownie points!


  1. i dont know with u but i feel the same way to some officemates too.. i guess its normal naman.. :D

    or sadyang mapili lng tau sa friendships? LOL

  2. Hay Ria, sorry but I will be a true friend na talaga sa yo by telling you that what you're feeling is not okay! :) But mind you, the fact that you know it and are acknowledging it is half the battle.

    I learned from a life-changing seminar that I attended that prejudice stops us from bringing out the best in ourselves and in others. You may want to think about that. :)

    O siya, ayan, for friendship to the max ang sinabi kong yan ha? :) Buti na lang, di ka nagprejudice sa akin, hehehe! :)

  3. "If all were perfect, what then should we have to bear with from others for the love of God?" - Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

    In his book, I understand that our patience need to be put to test in order to prove the merits of our soul's worth.

    And we can always learn to bear. ",)

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. Though I am not a "hating" person per se, there are just a handful who really gets to me and the problem is, they are people my hubby knows. It's difficult when they show two-faces. Can't they just be for real?

    Anyway, I am trying my best to learn how to be forbearing. I know it is not easy. I'll get there, if not soon then someday. God Bless!


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