01 October 2009

Girls Talk - Bags

I am a bag fanatic. I love bags. I just have to have bags! That's the mantra running in my head everytime I see a big sale sign or when there is a gorgeous style in the rack.

There was a time when I had several trunks full of bags. My husband joked that if we ever ran out of food to eat, we could always chop the leather straps of my collections for stew.

Well, this is one passion that I find hard to shake off. Although I don't buy those signature bags like Louis Vuitton (although I dream to own one on my 40th birthday and that is few years from now) or Gucci, I do have a number of expensive and yet, very durable and high-quality bags which I acquired over the years. I don't squander money on things which do not last for long. I am happy to say that my bags are still in mint condition after many years of usage. For me, they are not statement accessories but something I can put my important stuff which I cannot do without.

Here's my fave bag at the moment:


  1. hello ria! naku, may pagka imeldific ka rin pala when it comes to bags. ako naman, di ako mahilig. i just buy a bag when the old is too worn to be used. hehehe! di rin ako mahilig sa designer bags, it's not practical though i wouldn't mind receiving one too! hehehe!

    by the way, i have a tag for you. hope you can grab it. thanks! hugs!

    p.s. did you receive my email? i already sent one. just in case, my email is anak0430 @ gmail.com. :D

  2. i agree.mas maganda talaga kapag ang binibili ay durable...
    mas matagal gamitin at sulit ^_^

  3. @ Kikamz - naku, nagagalit na nga asawa ko eh. He really threatens to feed me the bags pag wala makakain...hahaha. Takot naman ako so I stopped buying muna. ;)

    @ Meryl - you're absolutely right. That's why those branded bags are way expensive kasi naman, the bag will be used for "eternity" ;)

  4. Hahahha My husband doesn't understand why I own so much purses at bakit daw kailangan partner partner pa heheheh alam mo na, it's a girl thing!

  5. ehhh i like it!!! sabi ko nga next to black, weakness ko ang brown bag.. eh panu pa kung gucci?!!! ;)

    tama naman si fafa, pero ok rin na ituloy ng matikman nten ang sinabawang gucci ateh :) LOL hehehe

    thakns for joining this week sis! see u next week ha! fave perfumes naman :)

    ingat lagi! mwah mwah

  6. i so love your bag here..seems like this one will last for years..


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