24 October 2009

Girls Talk - Dresses

I love dressing up. As a matter of fact, I love dresses, the LBD (Little Black Dress), the wrap-dress, the sheath, baby doll dress, empire cut, you name it. I will wear it! Back when I was a lot slimmer, I used to wear wrap-dress because it flatters my petite body. Now that I am rotund (and healthy!), I wear more loose kind of dresses, flimsy, flappy and flowing.

I love this dress that I posted here. It's actually a "long blouse" for the tall ladies and a short dress for a teeny-tiny person like me! LOL. A good friend gave this to me from London few months ago and it falls few inches above my knees which I think is great. It elongates my rather short legs. Like they always say in fashion, if you are short, the more you should show skin. Amen to that ;)

I can't wait for winter to come so I can wear this with my favorite boots which I posted in GT - Shoes. ;)


  1. lo ria! stopping by here for my weekend rounds...

    this is such a nice top. i guess even if im not as tiny as you are, this will still make a good dress for me, lol!

  2. Pag ayaw mo na sa dress, fastbreak mo sa akin ha? :)

  3. that's a very nice dress. I'm sure it looks great on you ^_^

    here's my entry.

    have a great week ahead.

  4. ow wow!! i would like to see u wear this with ur fave shoes!!! ihhh post it ha..

    anyways, gusto ko rin ng wrap around noon.. :D pero after giving birth nakalimutan ko na rin na gusto ko syang isuot hahaha

    thaks for always joining sis!! see u next thursday, show ur fave accessories naman!

    ingat lagi. mwah mwah

  5. Hi Ria WoW i have not been here in forever, sorry about that. How have you been. Your site looks great as always. I bet you look great in what ever you wear my friend. Have a great week and i will try and visit more often LOL :-)


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