16 October 2009

Girls Talk - Shoes

I am not a big collector of shoes but I do have some which I bought many moons ago and they are still in tip-top shape. When it comes to shoes, I do buy mostly leather because of its durability as I walk with a shuffle. Hard to explain!

These 3 are my favorite shoes to wear in the office. The boots is worn only during the cooler climate here so it is in good condition. The other 2 are my fave high-heeled shoes. I love wearing high-heels because I am short ;)


  1. di ako makajoin uli dito sa GT! sna next Thursday makajoin na ako.

    I also like wearing high heeled shoes, kasi nakakasexy :) pero wedges lang type ko. :)

    gnda ng boots mo, di ko pa carry magganyan! :)

  2. oi i love the number 2.. at nakakita n naman ako ng boots.. ihh i would love to wear one!!! ihihih

    oi thanks for joining ha.. sori late ko na nabasa comment mo nadala ko sa lappy sa vacay :) pero leave ko nmn sa cottage when we island hop na.. have u been to coron?? naku u shld see the place.. ihh see our day 1 pix ay www.nikoganda.blogspot.com

    anyways.. see u this thursday ha.. fave dress naman!!

    mwah mwah

  3. hello,
    making the most to comment again.
    i love shoes and i go for price and comfort.
    i had few pair which i bought from a vintage shop 2 yrs ago. they are really good, very comfy and most of all - the price is so thin! proud to say, my best buy!
    hey, now that's winter season i know you're rockin on that boots!

    God bless,


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