07 October 2009

Going Under the Weather

It's not me this time! I did fall ill several times in the past years; however, I have reversed that misfortune and my immune is A-OK.

My daughter has fallen ill these past few days and I have no clue that she was about to fall sick. Her temperature reached 40 degrees and I was not prepared for anything like that. She was diagnosed with "fever of unknown origin." Honestly, I have not heard about that in my life although my office mate had fallen sick few months ago and was diagnosed with "viral flu" where the symptoms were so similar to the ones my daughter had. The doctor mentioned something about viral infection and I could not really digest what he was telling me. I checked the Internet for other details pertaining this viral flu and fever of unknown origin but was lead to Influenza and other myriad of maladies.

Well, she has mild fever now due to colds but is still under medication.

It's really difficult when you have kids getting sick. They are just helpless. I hope my princess get well soon.

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  1. hope gumaling na ang daughter mo..hirap pa nman magkasakit. God bless her.


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