24 October 2009

Halloween is almost Here!

I have never experienced trick or treating as a child because Halloween is not really practiced in the Philippines where I grew up. The same thing is happening to my daughter who is now 11 but never had the chance to wear fancy Halloween costumes for trick or treat. Problem is, here in the Middle East, Halloween is not observed by the locals. They do recognize the event; however, some of the expats here celebrate it by having their children trick or treat around their villages where most of the residents are expats as well.

If I cannot celebrate the trick or treating here, might as well bring a little touch of Halloween at home by carving - NOT A PUMPKIN - oranges! Yes, it's the least we can do to put our home in that Halloween mood apart from the cobwebs made out of cotton and those critters!

All you need are two oranges. Slice the top and remove the pulps inside. Slightly carve out a face on the exterior but not too hard because you might break the skin. This little "Jack-o-Lanterns" serve as cute table-top votive holders! There you go! Your very own miniature Jack-o-Lanterns!


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