14 October 2009

My Teacher

I have taken great interest on my studies early in life. Part of this desire to learn has been imbibed in me by my parents and my teacher in grade school. I remember the feeling of eagerness and unabated anticipation of what wisdom my mentor would impart that day. It was this one teacher who really brought the best in me and her name is Miss Vicenta Quinto. She had made a great impact on my growing up years and the way I would embrace knowledge. She was my 2nd Grade classroom adviser.

It has been many years since I last stepped in my childhood alma mater. It was not even a reunion but just to enquire for the curriculum they have for kindergarten as my daughter was to begin her baptism of fire in academics. I got curious and asked if Miss Vicenta Quinto was still teaching there. Unfortunately, the person I asked had no clue.

Times have changed and we can now search for our long, lost mentors, relatives and friends through the aid of internet. One great site to check is MyLife. I checked out her name but my search result was nil. However, I tried typing names of the teachers I still recall during my elementary days and I have many hits.
I am really glad that I have met Ms. Quinto in my developing years. Her patience and motherly advise prompted me to give my best. She believed in me when I had doubts back then as to what I could be capable of. I hope I will still meet her one day so I can personally thank her for the positive impact she had in my life.

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  1. Great site!

    hmmmm...I will search for my long lost friends.. ^_^


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