02 October 2009

Neighborhood Block Party

I grew up in a gated community with loving and family-oriented neighbors. I remember spending after-school hours with my friends and their parents would welcome not just me but my other siblings too. We would play until night time and nobody really mind. It was fun growing up in a neighborhood like ours where everyone else was considered a "distant" relative.

The good familial camaraderie didn't end on spending playing times with the children in our neighborhood but our parents were also friends with the other parents around. So, whenever there were special occasions to celebrate, our neighbors were ready to share the happiness by having a block party. Merriment was aplenty, the entertainment was great and we all had fun.

My relatives and friends in the US normally attend block parties especially related to their favorite sports - football. It was different ballgame in the Philippines, we'd have block parties pre and during basketball season. They would get busy preparing for the nitty-gritty details of hosting block parties. The football party supplies must cater according to their requirements to satisfy a great number of football fans.

Just like any block parties related to sports, it won't be complete without the nfl betting OR bet on football practice of the celebrants.

I miss having block parties. I wish it can be practiced where I live currently.