16 October 2009

Relocating to Arizona

Oh no. Not us...yet! Although we have plans to migrate somewhere it does not rain often and the weather is almost similar to Dubai. We are so accustomed to the weather here that a 49 degrees Celsius temperature has already been accepted by our system.

Well, Phoenix, Arizona's weather is not too different from Dubai. They also get warm and humid summers and not very cool winters. If we ever want to move to a cooler climate, then we can always drive to nearby cooler states like Utah, Colorado or California where most of our relatives are residing.

One thing we are considering before we take the big leap is the location of the new place we will call home and the amenities. Phoenix, Arizona is not that far from California so we can always visit our relatives should we finally decide on the biggest life-changing move we will embark on in the future. I hope it is not a distant future!

I have discussed the need for a backyard and probably a small pool to wade in when it gets hot. to my husband. We have to scout for a great deal on real estate and Arizona swimming pool service to maintain our swimming pool. However, we can narrow down our search to Phoenix swimming pool service if we are going to live in that city. There are plenty of pool cleaning and maintaining service in the area so I suppose it will not be a hassle to choose one that is superb in service; also upon the recommendation of friends who are already living in Phoenix. Blue Palm Pools is located in Anthem and I think this pool service and repair company will do the work!


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