09 October 2009

Spooky Stories

Well, I have my fair share of spooky experience in my life and I think, Science cannot explain what I have seen so far.

I just thought of sharing this since few weeks from now is Halloween and all sorts of spooky stories will come up. And I have my own spooky segment here :)

When I was a lot younger, I saw my grandfather standing near our hallway at home smiling at me. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me but when I rubbed my eyes and blinked couple of times, there he were - on the same spot, smiling at me and wearing the same clothes he wore when he was buried. That was my first brush with the "spirit."

Then, I had more brush up with the "unexplained" as I grew up. Sometimes, my closet door (my door has a "snap-like" lock so you really had to pull hard to open them) would suddenly open for no reason. Not just once, many times. When those moments happened, I prayed for them to stop. The weird thing was, when my closet doors open, it was as if it slides "off" the hook and not someone opening them. Like I mentioned earlier, my closet doors have snap-like hook. It would take a lot of effort to open my cabinet.

Our family friend who passed away would visit every now and then (probably to say "hi") and apart from that, I would see shadows passing by in the office at night. That is mainly the reason why I try to avoid staying late in the office. People said, it used to be a burial ground. Shocks!

I asked my college professor then who was into these paranormal activities about how and why I was experiencing and even seeing stuff other people didn't. He said, some people were given that "extra" sense to feel (and sometimes see and hear) the unseen. I told him I was not (and still am) not very happy about it because I am a scaredy-cat! I couldn't even stand watching horror movies. I hate sleeping without any night lamp on. Unfortunately, some people just had that.

Many years after, I can still see moving shadows in the office but the visions (as what I would term it) have not appeared for sometime and I do pray it stay that way. It scares the hell out of me and it's not really fun. My heart beats fast; my hands and legs shake and I can't move. That's a very frightening feeling. I wish I never had this sensitive "sense."

I am not a believer of spooky stuff but these I have seen and experienced so far are something I really cannot explain. I wish Science can inject some practical theories on that!

So, do you have similar experience as I have? Spill the beans and I'll listen :)


  1. waaah! halloween na halloween na talaga! All I can say is I believe in ghost..hhehe...
    Naka experience na din ako na makakita ng ghost nun asa pinas pa ako..pero dito sa US wala pa naman so far..

  2. Ako once lang. It wasn't even near halloween when it happened. It was a day before my birthday, we were on our way home and driving along EDSA. It was about midnight but there were still a lot of cars, so we weren't driving really fast. When we reached Guadalupe, the one with the "eagle" arc before, a man in blue shirt and shorts suddenly ran. He was going towards our car, but we missed him. But even if we did, I know the car behind us won't, in a matter of seconds, I turned to look behind to see what will happen to him but he was gone! He couldn't have gone that fast, we were only on the 2nd lane, eh ang lapad ng EDSA. It was really creepy and I had goosebumps.


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