18 October 2009

This Coming Christmas

Christmas is slowly peeking from the corner. Next time you know it, we are singing Christmas carols, sipping hot chocolate near the fireplace, having guests for Christmas Eve and finally opening Christmas presents under the tree.

Well, I think our Christmas will not be the same as last year or the years before that. I remember preparing my Christmas gifts to buy as early as June. I started buying my presents months before the major rush. All my gifts were neatly placed under our Christmas tree. That was the previous year.

It is already mid-October and I haven't even prepared any Christmas gifts' list this year. I think I will skip on the gift-giving for the time being because honestly, money is quite scarce and I am not sure if I can stretch my budget to accommodate gift-giving. It is at this point where I ponder if gift-giving is truly necessary to be able to celebrate Christmas. I know it's not always the material stuff but it does bring joy to the children, right? However, with the calamities hitting my motherland left and right and the ongoing recession, I think my solemn prayers for mankind will suffice to feel and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.


  1. yep, di importante ang material na bagay..basta't sama sama ang buong pamilya sa simpleng celebration..masaya na ...

    Merry Christmas btw...

  2. Merry Chrismas po...namamasko din ^_^

  3. Can you believe it ang lapit na ng Christmas!! Time flies so fast talaga :( Next thing we know 2010 na!

  4. Well said girl. I also don't feel like spending tons on meaningless stuff. I'd rather use the money to help out the unfortunate...

  5. aw same here sis.. but gift giving really means happiness to children specially to our inaanaks diba.. and just like u wla pa rin ako kahit isa gift for christmas.. to give gifts or not is another dilemma :D

    ingat ka jan lagi dear! mwah mwah


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