12 November 2009

Burn Baby! Burn!

Before you think ahead, no, it's not my rendition of one of the popular songs of the 70's. I am talking about wanting to burn belly fat. I have gained significant amount of weight during the past year and I am slowly shedding it off. Like the adage goes, slowly but surely and that is what I am doing right now.

I have been regularly walking my Millie and running at the treadmill at least twice a week for half an hour. My weight budges ever so slowly probably because my metabolism has slowed down due to age. Anyway, I have kept track of my eating habits and what I actually put in my mouth every meal. I must say, this taking down notes on the food I eat really works like a charm because whenever I am about to take chips and sodas, I am reminded of the kind of food entry I will put in the diary and that is bad! Shame on me! So, I stick to this practice and I am good.

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  1. uy, i have a food diary too. pero i haven't updated it for two weeks now. nasira yun momentum ko nun long vacation. pero i'll start again. keep it up. tama! slowly but surely. tsaka mas maganda yun sa skin. when my sister lost 20 pounds in just a month, sobra yun loose skin sa tummy, arms and legs nya. di kase nakakarecover yun skin pag ganun. kaya nagpatummy tuck sya. hehe. wala ako pera pang tummy tuck =)


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