06 November 2009

Circus Camp in December

When I was young, about 4 or 5, I remember jumping around, doing cartwheels, splitting and bending my body until I reach the floor. I was very flexible and quite puny so my mom thought of enrolling me to a gymnasium class. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and probably lack of fund, that dream went down the drain.

Now, I see my dream in my daughter's eyes whenever she watches those ladies doing ballet, somersaulting gymnasts and the acrobatic acts of the circus performers. She is lanky and very petite but I find her tall to be actually doing those stuff. I know she wants to do some of the acrobatic tricks because she loves cartwheeling when she was younger.

Maybe I will check out the circus arts camp in New York this December. That will be a great opportunity to show her around the summer camps Westchester area. My cousin lives in New York so I think a drive to that place will be a bonus attraction to my daughter's Christmas wish this year.

Well, I know it's winter and all but it's not bad to think about the summer camp activity my daughter may engage in the future. Who knows, she may just decide to study in the US and take up the summer camp westchester fun!

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