22 November 2009

Efren Penaflorida - The CNN Hero of the Year 2009

I posted sometime back about the nomination of Efren Penaflorida for the CNN Hero of the Year 2009. I am very happy to know that he was chosen as the CNN Hero of the Year.

His noble gesture to help the street children through education has given hope and light to them. I salute you, Efren, for a being role model to our fellowmen. Your kind gesture and altruistic intention to serve your countrymen is something to be emulated.

Congratulations to you and may you continue to spread your good work. Congratulations too to all the nominees of the CNN Hero of the Year 2009. You have all made a great difference in this world.


  1. uu, nabasa ko nga yung story nya dito :)

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  2. Thanks sis! Masubukan nga...I hope though that it's legit ;)


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