05 November 2009

Girl Talk - Fave Drinks

Life's simple pleasures are something that I like the most. When it comes to drinks, the ubiquitous Iced Tea will do the trick. I am not much of a soda nor alcohol drinker. I just love the easy to prepare iced tea.

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  1. me too, aside from soda, that's our regular drink for our everyday meal..

  2. A simple tea would do the trick for you, and you know what tea is actually better than soda...

  3. sis ur so simple with drinks ha... pra kang si yobib iced tea solve na :)

    thanks for joining this week.. see u next week lets talk about our fave chocolate naman ha..

    enjoy the weekend! mwha mwha

  4. thanks sis...i'm really shallow when it comes to stuff...hahahaha


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