12 November 2009

Girls Talk - Fave Chocolates

Sorry Niko dear but I am not that much of a chocolate lover. In fairness, I do consume once in a while, chocolate cake and some chocolate goodies. My favorite is the premium Swiss chocolate - Lindt specially the Lindor. I just love them!

(Photo source: Lindtusa.com)


  1. I like Lindt, too, sis. Meron ka ba dyan? hehe!

  2. i haven't tasted that lindt.. mukang yummy at susyalen naman yan! Ihhhhhh

    thanks for joining lagi sisterette!! see u next week ha.. share to us your fave pastime nman :)

    ingat lagi and happy weekend! mwah mwah
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  3. wow so sosyal nmn sis! hihi. pero in fairness masarap nga sya kaya justified nmn ung price :)

  4. naku mga sis...dahil nga sa mahal sya, minsan lng ako maka-kain nyan... kapag feeling-generous yung mga pilotong kasama ko dito, they buy me that. libre!!! hahahaha


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