29 November 2009

Girls Talk - Fave Gift!

Oh, I hope Niko dear won't kill me for posting this too late. I am so sorry but I am not one to renege a commitment so here is my very late post on Thursday's GT topic.

I have received so many gifts in my life that if I account for each and everyone of them, I may take several posts to do that. However, there is one very close to my heart... my hubby's birthday gift to me when I turned 30 many moons ago.

He gave me a diamond pendant chain. It's one of the few jewelery I have which I guard with my life. I rarely buy myself something very valuable so this gift is special.

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  1. Diamond pendant chain look really awesome.I think it is the best and special gift to e given to some one very special. I got a new gift idea through your post.


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