27 September 2012

Re-post: Handmade Wedding Card

This is the stuff that I miss so much! If you have been following this blog, I have reiterated my desire to get my sleeping monster (a.k.a. CREATIVITY) to wake up from its slumber. It's been sleeping for the last 5 months and that's not good. I normally don't have a lull moment when it comes to creating crafty cards and scrapbook pages. This is different. So, to re-live that moment when inspiration comes in and I create something fancy, here is a re-post of one of the handmade wedding cards I have made for a colleague.


My colleague will soon tie the knot. I am not really sure what she likes for her wedding so I decided to make a card for her. As usual, a handmade with love kind of card.

I used a champagne bottle template and traced it on a card stock. Then I used patterned papers from http://www.making-handmade-cards.com/. I love the way the doodles are done on the patterned sheets. Looked so whimsical and I love whimsical stuff!

I also used ribbon rosettes and flat-back pearls as embellishments. The cork-like top is a scrap of card stock which I distressed using Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Ink to make it look like a cork. Well, I hope I did justice on that one :)

I just wrote the sentiment using a slightly pearlized felt pen. I couldn't find my glittery gel pens so I settled on this one. I outlined the words with a fine-tip permanent marker to bring out the letters. I used the remaining piece of the card stock as mat for my card's sentiment. It i glued to the card with square foam adhesives for the 3-d effect.

I used shiny ribbon for the bottle and the bucket too. Speaking of bucket, the champagne holder is also made from scrap card stocks. I glued two of them but left the back bare (I couldn't use too much patterned paper or else, the entire design will look too loaded and I am trying to avoid that). For me, simplicity is still the best. The slit is about 6 inches and .5 cms so I can slightly tilt the bottle-card. The tag is one of the flower-doodle patterned papers. The tiny flower affixed to it is a ready-made foam sticker I bought for my scrapbook stuff many moons ago. I have finally found a good use for it! The back of the card also carries my trademark logo - Handmade with Love by Ria Cervantes.

It's a blank card so I can write my sentiments inside. I wonder what to write though...

Hope you like this creation. It's made out of love.


  1. WOW, Ria..this is very impressive and so artistic... i so love personalizing stuffs such as this...i'll bookmark this post of yours.

  2. this is so nice...hi rhia! ;)

  3. I like your handmade cards, Ria. You're so creative. I wish I have your artistic talent :)

  4. Ang ganda nito! I wish I'd have more time to cards. :)

    Email ko na lang pag lapit ka na uwi, hehe. :)

  5. nice as it is, but more beautiful because it's made out of love. :)

  6. Wow I like this one! So beautiful and unique.

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