24 November 2009

I Want a Rug for Christmas

Just like Princess Jasmine flying on a magic carpet, I want a rug that will give me the same feeling by the mere presence of it in my abode.

I have always been a rug lover. I loved having carpets and Rugs at home because it makes the atmosphere cozy and warm. Aside from that, I want to kick off my shoes and slippers at home so I can walk barefooted and feel the rich texture of the rug on my feet. Having a rug or carpet will be my solution to that.

There are many rugs to choose from and I am quite particular with the design and price. Most rugs here in the Middle East are rather exorbitant due to the fact that some of the expensive rugs here are made of sheep's wool, silk or cotton and those are hand-woven. The carpets or rugs here are have intricate designs which I think is more suited to a luxurious hotel lobby or restaurant but not for a small home like mine. So, having a Persian Rug at home is not on my Christmas budget because I cannot afford it. I do not mind having Cheap Rugs at home as long as the design is within my preference. I like something that is not too bold or loud in color. I prefer the earth tones for my Area Rugs. A little tint of yellow and maroon hues will also be acceptable.

We just have one small area rug at the moment and it is mid-range in price. The design is simple. It is a rectangular rug with black border and beige center which looks very neat in our small living room. I want to have another rug as replacement if we need to have the other one cleaned.

My husband and I have been rummaging the web and some stores in the area so we can buy a rug to put in the living room before Christmas. I hope we'll find one!

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