29 November 2009

Instant Christmas Bowl Lamp

Need new Christmas decorations at home but you're strapped for cash? Don't fret! There's a solution for that.

If you have an old fish bowl (without the fish of course!) and some tangled and old but working Christmas lights that you want to throw but can't (because you have this inner voice telling you not to...hehehee) then follow what I will have to say.

  • Clean the bowl with slightly damp newspaper. Here's a trivia, damp old newspaper cleans spots better than those chemical induced glass cleaner sprays in the market!
  • Test your dangled Christmas lights if they are still working. If you need to replace some busted lights, do so.
  • Place the tangled Christmas lights inside the bowl.
  • Place the bowl on top of your coffee table or on the side table or even in the middle of your dining table!
  • Keep an extension nearby if you don't have an electrical outlet near the bowl.
  • Plug and switch on! Presto!!!

You're instant Christmas Bowl Lamp... Did it cost you that much? I don't think so :)

Enjoy your new and very easy to make Christmas Bowl Lamp.

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