09 November 2009

New Birthday Theme Layout!

So, do you love my new birthday themed party layout? Well, I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Kaye! I am so happy with the way the design came out. Sorry if I was being a bit of a diva and finicky but I just want my design to last.

I am so happy with my new layout! It's so happy like me! hahahaha.... Thanks again Kaye and job well done!


  1. Cute and happy layout :)
    Looks exciting to me.
    The vacation was great. The family had fun swimming and dining. Now we are feeling the blues. The jet lag is gone now. I am back to my normal sleeping time...12am. Hahaha!
    Salamat sa tip.


  2. hi ria, how are you na? i've been busy with gwen's school and therapy. when are you coming back? =) i like your new theme. masaya nga sya at best of all, pink!!!!

  3. i love your new layout tooo sister!!!! ikaw na ikaw to sa party.. oh cry na!!!! :) LOl

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