16 November 2009

Pimple Gone Amok

I posted an article about my daughter's skin condition just few days ago. Imagine a "pimple with a forehead." Got it? Yes, it is that bad considering her age. She is only 11 and yet her forehead seems to be having a community of pimples. Her puny pimples look like prickly heat on her forehead. Of all the place to manifest itselt, it has to be on her forehead!

I told her that drinking plenty of water, eating vegetables and having a good sleep is nature's best acne treatment.

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  1. yes, water, fruits, and vegetables help prevent pimples..plenty of rest too.
    by the way, just want to share some photo from the vacation here: http://www.leytestar.com/2009/11/vacation-pictures-tropical-beauty.html



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