06 November 2009

The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached

Too many phones in my mom's house but I cannot even reach a single one. Either the phones are busy or they are off. I am getting restless and a wee impatient after calling my mom, sister and niece's cell phones countless times. All I get is that monotonous recorded message from the communication provider which says "the subscriber cannot be reached, please try your call later." Arggghh!
I chat with my mom and other relatives on a Friday since it is my off. This is the only time I can spend tete-a-tete time with her without any interruption and where the charge rate is lower. Unfortunately, I think her phone ran out of charge or she left it somewhere. Oh well, I guess I will have to "try again" later.


  1. maybe super traffic or peak hours sis...

    by the way, about dun sa titanic museum...isa sya sa attractions sa branson and baka dun na sya forever ^_^

    happy weekend. ^_^

  2. He he he!! Same thing here... Many time I called my family in the Phils and I often got same recorded voice message.

  3. Hay naku you're not the only one complaining. My sister was compalining too. Ang hirap daw tumawag dito.

    How are you Ria? Hope all is well with you and yours. Happy weekend!

  4. Wow Ria I like your new template!

    Very pretty!


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