27 November 2009

To Travel Soon

I was supposed to go to San Francisco with my hubby and daughter today for the long Eid holidays but due to lack of time and not to mention funds and leave credits; I had to bail out.

I just dropped my hubby to the airport an hour ago for his flight and I really, really wanted to go. Sometimes I ask myself, why I am always stuck here when I can go? The answer always boils down to lack of leave credits. I wish I had many!

One might wonder why at this time of recession, we can still have the opportunity to travel. Answer to that is because we get discount airfare being airline staff. We only pay minimal fee for the ticket price. Also, we get rebate tickets from other airlines and avail of their cheap flights too.

There is a downside to being a staff too. We get very low priority in check-in because of our ticket cost. Most of the time, we even get bumped-off in preference to a paying customer. Well, I have had my share of bump-offs and I am certainly used to it.

Working in the airline industry is probably the best for people who is on the go and likes to see the world like we do. We get many travel advisory from other countries and offers on various destinations guide. We may not be paid well as compared to other companies but combining all the free and discounted ticket fares and special airline staff rates on most destinations and hotels, I think it is really worth it!

So, I may just travel again this January to New York. I have always dreamed of seeing snow so that time will be the best time to travel during the cold season. Anyway, I love cold weather! Big Apple, here I come!

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