27 November 2009

Welcome My New Blog!

After so much deliberation, I decided to create another blog to showcase my handmade cards which I will eventually turn into e-commerce, barring any circumstances.

Please welcome my new blog - Handmade with LOVE.

Handmade with LOVE

What's in store for everyone in this blog? Well, I will showcase my handmade cards, custom cards and special requests and probably some of my polymer clay tinkering with my daughter.

I will also provide tips and how-to's and if I become a bit of a whiz on multi-media setting, I may also feed some video tutorials.

So, please pass by and leave a comment or two. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Ria! That's good news...tinkering and pouring your creative juice are great way to unwind... hahahha....

    Will visit your new blog and all the best!

  2. girl, this is a nice idea. can i feature this in my blog? just let me know. drop me a comment. mwah!


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