07 December 2009

A Cross with Rose

I have been blogging for sometime now and have never rewarded myself with something special. I saw this website that offers beautiful pieces of cross pendants which I find very interesting.

I have already mentioned before how I normally don't buy myself jewelry because I am not fond of wearing one. However, this cross pendant I found in www.applesofgold.com is truly remarkable. One look and I knew, it was the one I wanted.
The cross pendants in the site's collection are really beautiful. I had to browse through 12 pages of cross pendants for women. The gold cross with rose which I have posted above is the one that truly captivated me. The intricate flower and leaves design is unique. I have not seen a cross pendant like that before.

There are other sites offering similar products which I have visited but nothing compares to this particular site. Their presentation is very straight-forward and clean. The return policy and shipping charges are clearly mentioned by clicking on their respective links. You can also track the status of your order and enjoy the flexibility they offer in terms of payment. The only thing I will suggest to further improve this site is a disclosure of their company's address apart from the toll free numbers mentioned there.

Maybe rewarding myself with a cross pendant is worth all the time and effort I spent blogging. I know it is something that will be very close to my heart at all times.

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