01 December 2009

Dreaming of a New Home

I have this incorrigible habit of day dreaming when time permits me. Although my dreams take me to places I have never been, they have also served as good motivation to achieve my aspirations.

My husband and I had a bright-idea moment during our vacation to the US last April 2009. We actually liked the place so much that talks of migrating there in the future is in the offing. Since then, my day dreams have become a pivotal point for me to focus and really give it a go while we are young and able.

Moving to a new place entails great sacrifices and that includes jumping out of our comfort zones. Another thing we have to consider is looking for a suitable place to call home. I am sure that when we move, we will not be able to purchase our dream home right away. We are considering any of the Manufactured homes which we can afford when the time comes.

I have done my homework on this one, believe me. We read newspapers' ads and even checked web sites on Manufactured homes for sale. There are so many to choose from. We are keen to have at least a new one so we checked out New manufactured homes for sale too. The price is reasonable. So, if we need to start the ball rolling, we better start saving big time fast!

I am looking forward to establish our new foothold in the US. It has always been my dream. I hope that one day, my day dream will cease because we are living the US dream.

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